Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

Scale your Carpet Cleaning Business with Additional Territories Throughout Australia

Chem-Dry has hundreds of multi-unit franchise owners throughout the world including several in Australia. We have built the business to efficiently scale through acquiring additional territories to give successful single franchise owners or ambitious first-time owners additional revenue. Our average multi-unit owner makes more than three times as much as single territory owners. With some owners making more than ten times the average single unit yearly revenue, there is truly no limit to how large you can grow your Chem-Dry carpet cleaning business.

Chem-Dry began with a simple discovery in 1977 when founder Robert Harris noticed he could clean carpets with the same club soda trick he used to remove food stains from his shirts. What started simply as carbonated bubbles has since added heat, suction, an advanced power head and other natural ingredients to create an industry leading cleaning solution.

Today, the evolution of this one idea has grown into a company of nearly 3,500 franchise territories across the globe making us the largest carpet cleaning business in existence. Much of the recent success has come from ambitious owners who have capitalised on the multi-unit concept and have expanded to new territories while helping families and businesses maintain clean, healthy indoor environments.

Your Opportunity Awaits

Home carpet cleaning is a 4-billion-dollar market and growing. Chem-Dry is at the forefront of this expansion because we are able to give customers the cleanest, healthiest homes possible.

With the growing emphasis on environmentally responsible products, and healthy indoor environments. Chem-Dry meets the needs of the modern consumer. Families spend up to 90% of their time indoors and we provide peace of mind for them in knowing their cherished home environment is a healthy place where they can breathe easy.

How Does the Cleaning Process Work?

Chem-Dry’s secret lies in our Hot Carbonating Extraction. This process literally explodes millions of microscopic bubbles into carpet fibres, using natural chemistry to clump dirt and debris blasting it to the surface in a highly efficient manner. Our cleaning process uses 80% less water than steam cleaning which means faster drying times and no mould or mildew growth from residual dampness.

The Natural® is Chem-Dry’s name for our patented cleaning solution. It’s so natural in fact, that its actually safe to drink – which we have been known to do as proof of its safety for pets, children, and anyone! Visit our Science of Chem-Dry page for more information about our proprietary hot water extraction process.

Chem-Dry’s Professionalism Promotes Further Growth

Chem-Dry is dedicated to investing in the most advanced science available to clean smarter, greener, and healthier for each and every customer we serve. Our patented cleaning solutions and machines give Chem-Dry technicians the tools they need to deliver superior results. Training and coaching for franchisees brings this all together to make sure each franchisee has the skills to operate the best carpet cleaning business possible.

But our success comes from much more than our superior results. We understand what each customer wants from a carpet cleaner. The fact is, customers are cautious about who they let into their homes; and need a company they can trust.

Our industry is full of unreliable pop-up operations often with just a truck and a steam cleaning machine because of low barriers to entry.

Chem-Dry has become a recognisable symbol of trustworthiness in the industry over time because of our professionalism, skill, and training. Being a part of the Chem-Dry family means sending out only highly trained, punctual, appropriately dressed cleaning technicians who will be courteous to customers from the moment they knock on the door.

Your Chance to Grow with a Multi-Unit Cleaning Franchise

Chem-Dry provides a unique opportunity for driven entrepreneurs who want to grow their business across multiple territories. Our most successful franchisees operate many trucks and serve entire cities as well as surrounding areas. If you are a determined business minded individual ready to provide the Chem-Dry experience to even more satisfied customers.