Chem-Dry Franchising: Cleaning Equipment Packages

World Class Innovation for Cleaner Carpets, Upholstery and More

No matter which equipment package a new franchisee choose, they are able to confidently provide innovative and effective services for their customers. We offer a thoughtful variety of options ranging from portable, to powerful. Many of our most successful franchisees built their businesses with a portable unit and a van. Others prefer high capacity truck mounted units for more heat and power. Having both gives more flexibility to take on any type of job, large to small, suburban to urban. The package a new owner starts with will depend largely on the types of jobs they are expecting as well as initial budget.

Each traditional equipment package we offer is a proven winner for cleaning homes and businesses throughout Australia. The Chem-Dry PowerHead is a constant across each option because it is the most powerful tool for removing tough dirt and debris across multiple surfaces. Read below for more details on each cleaning equipment option available.

The Chem-Dry Difference

Executive Portable Cleaning Package with Tile and Stone

Our most affordable cleaning package is also the most versatile. The Chem-Dry portable system delivers the power of our Hot Carbonated Extraction cleaning technology into a portable package a technician can take anywhere. This flexibility opens up more lucrative commercial jobs and can clean in areas the truck can’t reach because our portable unit has built in holding tanks. The tile and stone package opens even more doors allowing franchisees to get a piece of the multimillion dollar tile and store cleaning industry while providing customers with a more comprehensive cleaning service.

Executive Truck-Mount with Tile and Stone Package

The CTS 400 Flex truck mount is a powerfully efficient solution for cleaning spaces up to 91 meters from the vehicle. Our truck mounted cleaning units have the advantages of greater suction power and operate at higher temperatures relative to the portable unit. This allows for faster cleaning results with quicker dry times. Moving the hose from the vehicle is also much more convenient than an entire portable unit since the weight of the holding tanks stay in the truck. This unit can be mounted in various models of vans giving owners flexibility over the vehicles they choose to purchase. The same great tile and stone cleaning package is also included with this option.

Executive Direct Drive Truck-Mount with Tile and Stone Package

Chem-Dry’s CTS Direct Drive 4.8 Flex Truck Mounted Package is the premier choice for franchisees demanding the most cutting-edge technology. The Direct Drive cleaning solution runs off of the vans engine, giving it several unique advantages. The 4.8 flex gets our solution hotter and has the best suction of any option available. Using the trucks engine also makes this unit extremely reliable with a longer working life expectancy. This frees up extra space in the vehicle for extra equipment such as power heads, cleaning solutions, or to carry a portable unit on board for maximum versatility at the job site. Finally, technicians will be able to switch from a low-pressure which is ideal for carpet cleaning to high pressure for optimal stone and tile cleaning with a simple flip of the switch.

Which Cleaning Equipment Option is Right for Me?

The largest factor in deciding which equipment option to go with is the environment you will be working in. For instance, if your territory has many apartment complexes, multi-story buildings, or other areas truck hoses may have difficulty reaching, the portable solution will likely be the optimal choice.

Portable units are also the most affordable option for owners who want to get started making money with a lower upfront investment. If you have more starting capital and plan on working mostly residential jobs where nearby parking is available, the truck mounted equipment is likely the best choice for you.