Multi-Unit Support and Expansion

Training, tools and coaching help franchisees grow their businesses

Chem-Dry businesses are structured for growth and expansion. While operating a single van in one territory can provide a quality income, the potential is so much greater. Chem-Dry has all the tools you need to graduate from an owner-operator working as a technician to an owner-manager, coordinating the activity of several employees and managing your business.

We help you overcome the challenges that come with growing a business. These include marketing, schedule management, bookkeeping, and training. Let’s take a deeper look into how Chem-Dry helps its franchisees grow into successful, multi-territory franchisees.

Software Solutions for Managing your Business

As a franchisee, you will be able to take advantage of our onTrack software. Unique to Chem-Dry, this tool allows owners to efficiently manage their growing businesses with several smart built in features.

OnTrack makes managing scheduling schedules simple. Not only can you schedule cleanings with special notes for any special customer needs but you can also change schedules on the fly since appointments can change quickly. Our software also helps you save time and fuel by planning truck routes ahead of time. These features are all made to scale with multiple trucks meaning your team can become more efficient even as the business grows.

Our software allows technicians to change price quotes on the spot. For example, a customer may have a 3-room carpet cleaning appointment but then inquire about pricing for a sectional they want upholstery cleaning for. OnTrack empowers technicians to provide an updated price quote and even except payment right at the point of service.

After the cleaning is done, OnTrack can help you take a pulse of your business by automatically emailing customers to ask them about their experience with Chem-Dry. Customer feedback is an excellent way to spot what areas of service need to be improved. This feature also helps to generate testimonials to display on your website and other marketing materials.

Behind the scenes, this same software keeps track of all your customer data. Having accurate records of which services customers had done at what time can be extremely valuable. You will be able to set up automated follow up reminders for them after 6 months or a year and ask if they want a follow up cleaning. These thoughtful features of onTrack are just one of the reasons why Chem-Dry has an industry best 96% rate of repeat business.

Leading the Way with Innovation

Chem-Dry trains each franchisee to be an expert at spotting and removing all types of stains in carpets, rugs, and upholstery so they can in turn train their technicians. Our proven techniques are more advanced than those of most carpet cleaning companies to give us an edge when it comes to stain removal results.

For example, do you know how to get pet stains and odours out of carpets? What about red wine, coffee or oil stains? Chem-Dry are continuously impressed when our technicians can answer these hard questions. Our employees then follow up this knowledge with action getting to work removing some of the toughest stains that commonly occur around the house. We are proud to have gained a reputation through word of mouth of being the go to cleaners for stains other companies won’t even touch.

Our franchise owners appreciate our commitment to innovation, not just in the cleaning solutions but also in the technology and incentives we offer to help you run a successful high morale business. For example, we developed smartphone apps which assisted technicians in diagnosing stains on the spot for more effective cleanings. This benefitted both the workers and owners greatly as technicians were able to sell additional services and get a cut of the upsell pricing.

Chem-Dry also created an app which helps technicians speak to customers in an educational way to sell without being pushy. These apps and additional tools have proven to be an efficient way to reinforce training, boost results and grow your business.

Exceptional Training Leads to Maximum Results

Our new owners find the best way to learn the business is to work as a technician while they grow their business. And while most are skilled at performing cleanings and making sure each customer is happy, making the transition to a full-time manager can be challenging without support.

Chem-Dry is dedicated to helping owners expand their businesses through our “get off the van” program. This all starts with setting goals for owners who want to operate in multiple territories.

This program, leads ambitious owners though a structured set of lessons through a 9-part webinar series. Chem-Dry answers all the difficult questions about hiring, knowing when to add another work vehicle, what revenue should look like, how much revenue you should be earning, and many more.

The support you receive is ongoing because there are always steps you can take to grow and improve your business. Maybe you could be taking advantage of additional services, or your marketing approach could be improved. Whatever the case, you can be confident in having all the tools along with extra sets of eyes looking to make your business more profitable.

We even have an aptly named “extreme business coaching” program offered each quarter designed to help any franchisee interested in growing. With this program, you get a personal coach and several conference calls where you can connect to other Chem-Dry owners with similar goals.

Chem-Dry is more than a business, it’s a family of hundreds of owners throughout Australia who all want each other to be successful. As a close-knit community, communication is widespread and common between franchisees who are continuously striving to make a better company.