Who Are Our Customers?

A Diverse Customer Base

Roughly 80 per cent of Chem-Dry’s business happens in the home, the rest in offices and commercial spaces. We serve a special kind of customer who isn’t looking for the least expensive carpet cleaner but the cleaner who will do it right the first time.

Seven of every 10 residential customers are women. They tend to be highly educated, with full-time jobs, marriages and two or three children. They’re also upper-middle class, meaning higher-value tickets, higher degrees of loyalty and a higher likelihood of referral. They generally own their upscale single-family homes and want to spend money to maintain them.

Our customers, especially those with children, are careful about whom they allow in their homes. It’s understandable. Some in-home service employees are trustworthy, some aren’t. Customers often choose us over the competition because they find public validation that customers can trust us.

Customers who have pets use us repeatedly because our pet odour and urine removal process tackles the problem at the molecular level rather than masking it. We often acquire new customers when they’ve spent money on pet odour cleaning only to have the smell and stains come back shortly thereafter. Not with Chem-Dry!

Our customers are usually active on social media, too. They often use Facebook and Twitter to ask for carpet cleaner recommendations and sing the praises of Chem-Dry. It’s one of the many ways our customers demonstrate their high level of trust in us, which leads to better business and more profitability for franchisees.