Who is Our Competition?

Our competitors in the carpet cleaning industry are generally independent, sole proprietor type operations. Most of these businesses consist of a single owner who uses portable or rented equipment to steam-clean carpets, and in some cases are untrained.

Unfortunately, these individual businesses often pose problems for customers looking for carpet cleaners they can trust. Trust is the single biggest factor in carpet and surface cleaning, as clients need to be able to trust the people they hire as they are working in offices or in their homes.  If a carpet cleaning company doesn’t inspire trust — or, worse yet, breaks that trust — they will not be used again in any capacity.

By contrast, Chem-Dry only selects the best possible franchisees to represent its brand. Our recruitment process includes personality profiling to ensure that not only are they able to operate a business to a high standard, but that they also have the necessary customer service and communication skills to build strong relationships and trust with their clients.

We go to great lengths to protect our brand. By selecting the best franchisees, who deliver the highest quality service to our customers, we are fulfilling our brand promise and building a reputation that others in the industry simply can’t match.

Other Carpet cleaning Franchise models focus on taking a big percentage of your income. You end up working for them like an employee. The more you make they more you pay them. We have had many franchisees come over from our competitors and they can attest to how much better the Chem-Dry flat fee royalty works better. The more you make the more you keep.